06 Oct 2021
Hi-Lift Jacks - What's the difference?
Hi-Lift Jack company produces two types of mechanical jacks, built off of two different foundations: the All-Cast Jack and the Cast and Steel Jack.
01 Mar 2021
PIUSI widens the EX range with high flow solutions
In order to meet the ever evolving and specific requirements of different markets, PIUSI has developed the EX100/EX140: two pumps(available in naked/stand alone and drum versions) with Atex and UL certifications.
01 Mar 2021
TRAXX Launches NEW range of Brake Drums
Traxx has recently launched a comprehensive range of Brake Drums to cover all popular makes and models of Commercial Vehicles in the SA market. Made to the highest quality standard Traxx Drums are recommended by customers all over South Africa.
15 Mar 2020
PNEUMAX launches new range of Safeline Valves
Safeline is the Pneumax new range of components with safety functions which includes the 412/2 Compact Series and the 1000 ISO 5599/1 Series. These solenoid valves have been developed with new, adapted characteristics for inclusion in secure, pneumatic circuits where it is necessary to interrupt the air supply and discharge the pneumatic system when the elector-pneumatic command is de-energized.
12 Mar 2020
Hi-Lift Often imitated, but never duplicated
We don’t usually spend much time attacking knock-offs and imitators, but we do feel the need to make our case as to why Hi-Lift® is STILL the best option. The knock-off jacks we’ve encountered in the market are import jacks from Asia that are of similar design to the Hi-Lift®. They are priced lower because they utilize cheaper materials, cheaper foreign labor, and sub-par safety standards to manufacture their product. Some of them are being marketed under the generic “farm jack” name, but others are being private-branded by companies to try to gain more legitimacy for their jack.