Reduce , Re-Use, Recycle

Africa Parts Group is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

The vehicle business is not typically a "green" business, but through a variety of programs, Africa Parts Group encourages its staff, suppliers and customers to continually reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce the impact on the environment. Some of these initiatives include the

  • Establishment of recycling programs for automotive components
  • Remanufacturing of automotive core
  • Paper and glass recycling
  • Installation of energy saving devices in all facilities, including water purification facilities.

Africa Parts Group is committed to the process of continual improvement in its environmental practices and follows strict safety and environmental policies on all its manufacturing sites, and complies with the internationally recognized environmental management systems which are aimed at the prevention of pollution, the preservation of natural resources, the management and minimization of waste, and compliance with all applicable environmental legislation.

The benefits of our actions today will forever be felt by future generations, and this is a responsibility Africa Parts Group takes very seriously.